Google Nexus 4 Store Locator Kicks Off; Know WhereYou can Pick Your Device

February 15, 2013, By Sanjeev

Choosing a smartphone model and finally convincing yourselves to pick one is a tedious process these days. At start, you tend to place your mind in the midst of millions of spectacular models available in the market and after a gazillion of comparisons, you try to get a hands-on test to see whether if it is a bang for your buck.

Google Nexus 4 Store Locator Kicks Off; Know WhereYou can Pick Your Device

You should definitely go for a primary understanding of the device by previewing a real physical version especially while you choose to place your order via an online store.

But at times it’s hard to get a closer look, like what actually happens with models like Nexus 4. Remember the time when the LG Nexus 4 unlocked version came at the Google Play store, the initial stock just got washed out in a matter of hours, and ended up in backorders.

So, it won’t be that easy to get a Nexus 4 on your hands for your initial impressions and right now T-Mobile is the only store that is providing the model.

Now to make the purchase process easier, Google has released a store locator so that you can locate Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 retailers near your place of work or residence.

Run by Google Maps, the locator will display you stores ranging between 5 miles to 50 miles from your location. Key in your address and it will point you to the nearest stores.

T-Mobile stores are lighting up the map at the moment, but soon you need to expect more retailers to come up with the Nexus flagship. Are you keeping track, guys?

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