Apple iPhone 6 Launch Likely Only Next Year; Feels Analyst

February 14, 2013, By Sanjeev

It’s true that Apple is being shaken by Samsung’s rise in the market. Almost all iFans out there are a concerned lot and would want Apple to look at something big for the future. What other than a next gen iPhone would they want, right? Rumors suggest that a possible launch of the iPhone 6 could happen sometime this year.

Apple iPhone 6 Launch Likely Only Next Year; Feels Analyst

However, not so fast, guys! Peter Misek, analyst at Jefferies, has predicted that Apple will not be releasing their next iPhone this year and that it could have a 2014 launch window probably.

Misek, who is every optimistic about his prediction, has stated that Apple had recently tried to draw up a 4.8-inch iPhone 6 launch for mid 2013 so as to tackle market losses, but was clogged in screen manufacturing difficulties from the suppliers. The scaling up of in-cell screen size to 4.8 inches showed unsuccessful results in quality assurance tests.

Misek said that the company could be looking for on-cell displays and OLEDS to wipe the display problems.

Misek also spoke about the processing power of the iPhone 6. He believes that Apple would be going for 20-nanometer production to dock more cores – possibly 4 to 8.

Now, even if these predictions about Apple being stepping in to the big screen market turn true, there is still be challenges they would need to face as there are already those early big screen adopters like Samsung, HTC and Sony in the market.

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