Apple iWatch Development Team Numbers a Hundred

February 13, 2013, By Sanjeev

Wearable computers might be the in thing of the near future. In the midst of slouching sales growth and hefty challenges from competitors, Apple is seemingly overhauling its strategy so as to introduce new geeky gadgets.

Apple iWatch Development Team Numbers a Hundred

Their next product could well be revolutionary and at the same rational just like what they have done with their iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Apple TV is the next big thing, but recent rumor epidemic is on iWatch, a wearable smartwatch made with curved glass material. And it is pulling all the strings for a next era in technological advancement.

As reported by the New York Times, Apple was believed to be developing iWatch based on their iOS platform. Sources hadn’t had any information about the sole purpose of the device, so the technology sites all around have been making speculations.

Most of them saw the device as a secondary device that can do most of the essential things a smartphone can do, like make a call, texting, emails , pedometer functions, navigation and even deploying Siri.

There indeed is a smartwatch in the works at Apple and as Bloomberg has found out, there is a team of 100 – including hardware, software and marketing professionals – who have been putting in all efforts since last year.

Prominent personalities like James Foster, Apple’s senior director of engineering and Achim Pantfoerder, a program manager who hold 13 Apple patents, are part of the team too.

So what you think, will these wearable devices dethrone our smartphones?

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