Apple Has a Bendable iWatch in their Locker

February 11, 2013, By Sanjeev

Future is going way beyond predictability; it’s always been like something that we saw in sci-fi movies and video games are getting real. We can’t say for sure if there is not going to be an augmented human kind with super natural abilities soon. Anyway, we would want to leave our thoughts to the wildest of imagination, because there is something real going on at the Apple headquarters –  possibly a watch like that of the 007 is getting shape.

Apple Has a Bendable iWatch in their Locker

Nick Bilton of The New York Times talks about a watch that Apple is working on, and that it uses a curved glass material that can wrap around the human wrist. The upcoming device would operate on Apple’s iOS platform.

Wearable computing is not new to us, as many companies have or are now into such products that sport various utilities like augmented reality glasses, multifunctional watches and the like.

The report doesn’t give away details of the features or about a release window, but we can’t completely deny the possibility of one being made at the Cupertino labs.

Corning, the ultra-tough Gorilla Glass providers for the iPhone has this bendable glass technology, what they call as Willow Glass, and hope this will be the materiel for the so called iWatch.  Pete Bocko, the chief technology officer, Corning Glass Technologies, claims that Willow Glass can wrap around on a cylindrical object, so definitely on a human wrist, but the unpredictable ways of human body movement “makes it one of the toughest challenges”

So what would be the point if Apple is making one such device. Some people think wearable computer might become the next replacement for tablets and smartphones. Or may be it can serve as a secondary device connected with the iPhone or the iPad for quick access to text, emails, navigation and may be our health status.  Let’s wait to see what they are up to.

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