Ubuntu OS to Fuel Smartphones this October

February 8, 2013, By Sanjeev

This year, we will get to see a bunch of new operating systems for the smartphones. You know the BlackBerry 10 OS loaded smartphones are already in the market. It doesn’t seem these new operating system can shake up the major holding of Google’s Android, but at this moment we can’t say if these new platforms can at least make a considerable number of followers to make a effective degree of quiver in Android domination.

Ubuntu OS to Fuel Smartphones this October

Ubuntu OS is the one among the league readying for customers by this October. The developers will be able to access the OS later this month on Galaxy Nexus smartphone.

Wall Street Journal has reported the commencing of the Debian Linux based OS. UK based company Canonical Ltd is developing Ubuntu OS for the smartphones. Mark Shuttleworth, the founder and CEO of Canonical, has been quoted as saying the OS will use native apps and that means the app will be compatible for PCs too.

A major advantage about this OS is its usability on both the PC and the smartphone. According to Shuttleworth, the OS lets users easily move between devices, with innovative features like the swiping gestures.

The report doesn’t say anything about partners who would work with Canonical Ltd, but states that carriers have shown interest in the Ubuntu OS based smartphones.

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  • Paul

    Won’t be too surprised when I see the supercomputer Ubuntuphone.