BlackBerry 10 Devices to Stay Off Japan

February 8, 2013, By Sanjeev

BlackBerry, which has been stuck on an iceberg for a long time now with low market shares on the smartphone frontier, has on Wednesday said that the first day of their Z10 smartphone-based on their latest BlackBerry 10 OS in Canada was the best day ever. Thorstein Heins, CEO of BlackBerry, stated that the launch day was 50 percent better than any other.

BlackBerry 10 Devices to Stay Off Japan

BlackBerry, whom we all believe is responsible for creating the smartphone cult, couldn’t beat rivals as they came as a bunch. They had failed to bring up devices that could stand up against rivals too.

Now with BlackBerry 10 arriving on the scene, things could prove better for the company. However, latest info we have chanced upon is kind of upsetting. Japanese newspaper Nikkei Business Daily has reported that BlackBerry is not launching their new range of smartphones on Japanese soil.

The report says that in the midst of the deteriorating sales value in Japan, the developers can’t justify the cost of making BB10 in the Japanese language. That’s the reason why they have decided not to sell their products in Japan.

With only a mere 0.3 percent presence in the Japanese market, they don’t think it’s necessary to consider the region as a major market. Talking to The Wall Street Journal, one of BlackBerry spokespersons said they are in the process of launching the devices globally.

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