Gmail Users in India Can Now Hangout

February 5, 2013, By Sanjeev

Google+ Hangout services are now available to all Gmail users in India. These services allow Gmail users to add up to 9 people to a voice chat. Using Hangouts, Gmail users can watch YouTube videos with their friends, collaborate on Google Docs, or play games by adding apps from a menu.

Gmail Users in India Can Now Hangout

As slow connections are bigger in number in India, users can opt for the ‘Low Bandwidth’ mode. To begin using Google+ Hangouts, one must click the Hangout button on the top of the chat list in Gmail. Users can also schedule a hangout using Google Calendar.

Updates for Gmail are always like non-ending with employees of Google toiling their nights to work hard to implement innovation. Google redesigned Gmail’s Compose window in October last year. The compose box opens just like a chat window would, but is a bit larger.

Phil Sharp, Google’s Product Manager, stated that with this new design, it was possible to keep the compose mail box open and still look for older mails for reference. This way, users can also keep an eye out for newer mails.

It looks like Google has been trying to step up its game after Microsoft’s newly revamped started luring Gmail users with more features. In May 2012, Google had rolled out Hangouts On Air to Google+ users worldwide, allowing them to publicly broadcast a live video feed of their Hangout discussions as well as record the entire session for future viewing on YouTube.

Google had claimed that this feature was being used by television channels to conduct live debates and by music bands to enhance their fanbase.

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