US Warns North Korea of Consequences if Nuclear Test Happens

February 5, 2013, By Sanjeev

It was a safe world till nuclear weapons were invented and now it is chaos out there. The latest news regarding this suggests that North Korea has received warnings from the US as well as South Korea regarding their nuke test. The new US Secretary of State John Kerry and his South Korean counterpart have agreed to make sure North Korea is punished if it carries out its threat to conduct a nuclear test.

US Warns North Korea of Consequences if Nuclear Test Happens

John Kerry, in a statement released on February 4th called upon North Korea to cease its “provocative behavior” or face “significant consequences from the international community”.

North Korea has said it will soon conduct its third test of a nuclear bomb, after launching a satellite into space in December.

If North Korea masters a delivery system for nuclear weapons, it would join Russia and China as the only non-US allies with such capabilities. But it seems like the US is adamant that there shouldn’t be more countries possessing this capability.

North Korea has denounced sanctions over its rocket launches, saying it has the sovereign right to use rockets to send satellites into orbit under a space development programme.

Yesterday, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un issued “important” guidelines on how to bolster the army and protect the nation’s sovereignty. But there hasn’t been any specifics on what the guidelines are.

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