Samsung Topples Nokia to be World’s Biggest Mobile Maker

April 27, 2012, By Sanjeev

Nokia had been the leader of the mobile market, until now. Latest research from Strategy Analytics has revealed that Samsung has over taken the Finnish phone maker, thereby toppling their 14 years of market rule.

Samsung Topples Nokia to be World’s Biggest Mobile Maker

Samsung shipped over 44.5 million smartphones this year and.49 million normal low-end mobile phones. That makes it a total of 93.5 million handsets, pushing sales 36% more than a year ago.

Samsung’s smartphone shipments increased  41% in the quarter of this year. Globally Samsung accounts for around 25% of the market.

Nokia, on the other hand, suffered a loss of $1.8 billion during the first quarter. The Finnish company says that they have sold more than 2 million units out of 11.9% of the smartphones using their new smartphone line which is powered by Microsoft Windows platform this month. They account for 23% of the global market share. In the first quarter of the year, Nokia sold 82.7 million handsets.

As for the third biggest handset maker Apple, shipments rose to an astounding 89 percent to 35.1 million in the last quarter. Apple shipped 35.1 million units which is around 24% of the market. Globally though, Apple’s market share was 9.5 percent.

Since 1998, Nokia had been the world’s biggest mobile maker by shipments. Nokia had arrived on top by overtaking Motorola then.

But now, it looks like Nokia is losing, but the year has not ended yet. They still have chances to regain the crown. Do you think the strategists at the Finnish company do have something in mind?

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