Huawei Mulling Over Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 Devices

April 25, 2012, By Alexandru Ion

There have been a couple of rumors flying around saying that the Chinese mobile company Huawei will pair up with Microsoft Windows to make Windows Phone 8 powered mobiles and Windows 8 powered tablets.

Huawei Mulling Over Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 Devices

Huawei initially worked on launching their products with Android operating system, but the company later was charged with patent infringements and had to negotiate licensing fees. Now, Huawei is working with Windows to bring the users as much performance and quality as possible.

They have even put together a team of 70 people who will be creating hardware that will support the new Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Windows Phone 8 operating systems.

It looks like Huawei is trying their level best to increase their market sites and to be globally recognized as one of the best technology companies. They more seem to be interested in expanding their sales inAmerica.

As an effort toward that end, they brought to the world their latest smart phone, the Huawei Ascend P1 which is packed full of amazing features.

Today, Android being the best selling mobile and tablet OS, Android phones have overtaken the sales of Symbian, Bada and even Windows and they seem to be on the same level as Apple’s iOS.

As the world’s most preferred computer operating system, they now aim to be the best in the small gadgets department as well. With Huawei on their side, maybe they aren’t that far away from their goal.

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