Android ICS Wait Getting Over for Nexus S 4G Owners

April 9, 2012, By Sanjeev

Is the tech savvy in you craving for an Ice-cream Sandwich (ICS) experience on your deluxe handset?  You may not wait have to for long if you own a Samsung Nexus S 4G.

Android ICS Wait Getting Over for Nexus S 4G Owners

Sprint is now feeding the OTA updates of the Ice-creamSandwichto their subscribers. The carrier is on a spree to offer almost all their compatible phones with the latest Android experience.

However, Sprint estimates that their update spree might get completed only by the end of this month. This could mean a little amount of additional wait for Nexus S 4G owners, who expected the ICS update to first reach their devices.

It’s been months since the Google’s update was rumored to reach the Nexus S 4G. Guys at CNET have successfully tested it on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, ad it has been found that features of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS have set new standards to mobile OS world.

The UI of the gadget will get a total makeover with the update. The update will also add latest apps and services to the phone. A built-in panorama feature will be integrated to the camera segment.

It also will add to the phone, an Android Beam feature, which can share information such as apps and maps from one compatible phone to another.

Sprint differs from Verizon, by way of providing the Galaxy Nexus update  with a Google Wallet for NFC payments. April is still young. Are you game for the ICS on your Nexus S 4G?

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