Amazon Searches Content for Kindle Fire’s International Launch

April 4, 2012, By Sanjeev

Amazon is searching for contents for its international version of Kindle Fire tablet. The company is in a real hassle as the tablet is expected to release in Europe in the near future.

Amazon Searches Content for Kindle Fire’s International Launch

Prior to its launch in Europe, the device must have something amazing under its hood. As the digital world advances in a dramatic pace, they can’t sustain without something new and innovative.

Meanwhile, Amazon’s head of global video, Anthony Bay, said that the transition between selling physical and digital consumption is on track. He clarified saying that the number of digital books the retailer sells has exceeded the number of physical books.

The online retailer has a wonderful record for DVDs and Blu-rays, and digital video. Amazon has a significant play in transition of people’s interest from physical to digital.

Amazon’s digital video store has as many as 120,000 titles, and has more than 150 million unique visitors every month, with 40 million via its mobile app. Anthony Bay hoped that Kindle Fire’s European launch will attract lots of customers onto the retailer’s video store.

More than 45 percent of Amazon’s revenue now comes outside of the US. The team eyes for harnessing more profit through their ‘content-forward strategy’. Amazon is stepping onto content creation with the new Amazon Studios, where the company will play the role of producer.

Through this, the company will support those who make quality contents. Bay said that Amazon has a long tradition of knowing its customers, and that tradition has been preserved in the European launch of Kindle Fire, and developments associated with it.

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