Dell Stopping Smartphone Sales in the US Market

March 30, 2012, By Sanjeev

It seems, in the future, we will never see a new smartphone from Dell – at least in the US market place. Latest stuff we stumbled upon suggests that Dell is planning to end their smartphone sales in the US market.

Dell Stopping Smartphone Sales in the US Market

After stopping the sales of the Venue and Venue Pro models in the US, the American company hasn’t announced any replacements in their smartphone line up. The hint of Dell discontinuing handsets has been revealed by a company spokesman.

According to the Dell staff member, both the Dell phones were stopped as the products had completed their lifespan. Compared with the laptops and desktops, it has been pointed out that the mobile products have lesser lifecycles.

Interestingly, among the new mobile products lined up for the year, the chance of seeing a smartphone in the list is rare. So with the ceasing sales of Venue smartphones, there are will remain no Dell phones in the US market.

Earlier, the PC giant stopped selling their products like the Android-based Aero smartphone, Streak 5 Hybrid and Streak 7 tablet one by one at different periods in the US  market. The Texas-based company, however, has a good market for their smartphones in other countries like India, South Korea, Japan and China.

In addition, some reports say that Dell might come back to the tablet market with Microsoft Windows 8 OS powered slates. Dell is reported to be now concentrating more on mobile devices that suits both in offices and homes.

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