Google Play Pulls Reddit App Citing Sexual Content

March 20, 2012, By Sanjeev

Google has removed the popular Reddit app from the Google Play app store. The technology giant has revealed that the social media app had to be pulled due to sexual content. The third-party app was normally used for browsing content from community news sharing site Reddit. The company has pulled both the free and pro versions of the app from the Google app store.

Google Play Pulls Reddit App Citing Sexual Content

Google, after removing the “Reddit is Fun” app from their app store, also shot off an e-mail to the app developer Andrew Shu citing the presence of sexually explicit material.

Shu has responded that it is true that Reddit includes NSFW (not safe for work) content. But, he said he was surprised that Google has only banned his app whereas the other Reddit apps are still available and will go for an appeal.

Though Google didn’t give clear cut information on the removal of the Reddit app, they have revealed that the app has violated their policies. Reddit, being a social platform, gives freedom for users to post all manner of content as similar to YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. It is believed that this Google step is to shut out the nasty apps from their recently re-branded app store.

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