LG Revolution to Get Verizon Remote Diagnostic Tool via Software Update

March 19, 2012, By Sanjeev

A software update from Verizon will reach the owners of LG Revolution in the coming days. The carrier has officially announced that the VS910ZV8 update weighing 58.2MB comes with some new features, bug fixes, applications and widgets.

The most attractive feature in the OTA update pack is Verizon’s Remote Diagnostic tool that provides advanced customer support. With this new feature, your handsets problems will be solved quickly as you call and report the complaint to the Verizon Wireless Customer Care.

This system allows the Verizon staff to remotely inspect the user’s device for troubleshooting and application purposes. The device enhancements include the resolved reboot issue seen while upgrading to Gingerbread, improved AVI video playing via HDMI, updated Dolby presets and lot more.

LG Revolution to Get Verizon Remote Diagnostic Tool via Software Update

The improvements in the email, messaging and web will allow the user to send messages without delays and fast browsing with pressing back key to load the previous page. The update pack also includes the pre-loaded Verizon Video and Calendar widget showing the correct month for November.

Though the new Verizon system has various advantages, many users are worried about the privacy issues as the company’s staff can access all the files in the handset for fixing the problems. Stay tuned to know the exact release date of the software update pack.

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