ASUS Eee PC X01 Gets Injected with Android Ice cream Sandwich [Video]

March 16, 2012, By Sanjeev

Asus, as you know, has grown to be an undoubtedly popular name in the computer hardware arena. The company’s devices have now taken a step forward so as to adapt to the latest, following an unofficial tweak to the Android Ice-cream Sandwich.

ASUS Eee PC X01 Gets Injected with Android Ice cream Sandwich [Video]

Asus has worked on the Android X86 projects to fit in the OS to their Eee Pad. In the past, Asus has made a remarkable contribution to the upsurge of Android in tablet culture through Eee Pad transformer range. Now it’s the turn of PC machines to adapt to the Android mania.

A video showing the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich running on the Asus Eee PC X101 is now doing the rounds.

It appears that Android does reasonably well in the PC device. Except for the touch functionality of the OS now controlled by the touchpad/mouse buttons, we can have a tablet feel all-through from the PC.

This has, however, been made possible by the Android x 86 projects that had enabled the development of open-source tablet OS to run on theOSsrunning on desktop hardware.

You may now easily load the Android OS using a flash drive. WiFi, volume control and many other features run perfectly well on the Eee PC XO1. The latter is designed to accommodate Intel and Nokia’s Meego operating system, and any X86 based OS.

Android, nevertheless, has some advantages over the Meego OS but cant stand against the utility provided by windows OS. We hope Android can work on powerful hardware utilizing less battery power, and works on the similar PC models like that of Eee PC XO1.

Though the unofficial PC Android seems a little dragging, it has necessary UI tweaks to serve the PC user. Android market still seems tricky area to labor in this makeover. May be it is a start of Android encroaching to the PC arena and we can positively hope for more in future.

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