Apple Third Generation iPad in Stores in a Few Hours from Now

March 15, 2012, By Alexandru Ion

The Apple iPad  3 is all set to make its appearance on early Friday, March 16th. And will officially go on for sale from 8 am. But, there are less chances that you will be able grab one at the time of opening. This could be because Apple has said that bookings for the 3rd edition of its prestigious tablet are colossal.

Apple Third Generation iPad in Stores in a Few Hours from Now

You may have to wait from the wee hours of Friday or may be even from Friday night to grab one the premium tablets. We guess there will be long line overnight in front of the stores with people waiting to own the iPad 3 first.

The iPad 3’s main attraction however will be the ‘Retina Display’ which is supposedly sharp enough to put even Samsung’s AMOLED display to shame. This is not just a speculation though; fortunate guys who were allowed to play with the device have voiced it unanimously. If you are hoping to see more than your 1080p HD screen you may want to go for this.

And, that just not all! The device has a 5MP rear camera, capable of recording 1080p HD clarity videos. The 4G LTE will make it invaluable adding to the current tablet’s formidable features.

As with the previous editions of the iPad, this one will also be bar raiser to the tablet standards of 2012. The iPad 3 will be available in theUS, along with Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands,Australia,Canada,France,Germany,Hong Kong,Japan,Singapore,Switzerlandand theUK. Are you heading for the line?

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