Apple’s Newest iPad May Head for Sprint LTE Network Too

March 10, 2012, By Sanjeev

Last Wednesday, the world witnessed just another wonder with the release of the hotly-anticipated Apple’s newest iPad. Unlike its predecessors, the iPad 3 sports the option for 4G LTE connectivity. And, this feature has pushed the device towards the fore of contemporary mobile devices.

Apple’s Newest iPad May Head for Sprint LTE Network TooVerizon and AT&T provide 4G LTE facility for the newest iPad in North America for now, where the device starts arriving in stores from March 16. Most of you might have thought that Sprint will also share the iPad 3’s service rendering, as Now network has been introducing the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S from last year.

Though the carrier were absent at Wednesday’s function, hope is still alive as Best Buy shows a ‘Sprint iPad’ under their list of products. So, there is nothing to wonder if we happen see iPad 3 on Sprint LTE sometime.

It’s really disappointing to see there isn’t any iPad coming on Sprint’s network. But the fact that the carrier doesn’t have an established network like the others somehow justifies Apple’s harsh treatment.

Though there’s no confirmation regarding the introduction of iPad 3 on Sprint LTE, we are hoping for such a thing to happen. Such a move might expand Apple’s horizon further, but the risks associated with it can’t be overlooked.

Also, Apple has announced price cut for earlier versions of their tablets following the release of the iPad 3. After selling those out, we shall see only 4G enabled iPads in outlets throughout the world.

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