Xbox 360 Console Continues to Top Sales in the US

March 9, 2012, By Alexandru Ion

Microsoft is having a great time with their Xbox 360 gaming console in the US. The wonderful console continued to be the country’s top-selling console in the previous month too.

Xbox 360 Console Continues to Top Sales in the USThe technology giant has revealed that Xbox 360 still retains the number one spot in the US. This impressive performance was attained due to sales of more units compared with other consoles in the country for the past 14 successive months.

According to stats available, Xbox 360 now holds about 42 percent share of current-generation console sales in the US. In February, Microsoft sold 426,000 Xbox 360 units in the country.

And also, it is the twelfth consecutive month that Xbox 360 is holding more than 40 percent of the current-generation console market share.

In the past month, sales revenue of $383 million was achieved through the Xbox 360 platform including hardware, software and accessories. This is actually the highest amount attained by a gaming console in the US.

In addition, “Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning,” “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3,” “UFC Undisputed,” “NBA 2K12,” and “Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” were the five Xbox 360 console game titles charted in the US’ best 10 games list in February.

Microsoft has also stated that the Xbox 360 will be coming with many new features including an interactive entertainment range of blockbuster titles, experiences and add-on content in 2012.

Along with the addition of the new Halo and Fable games, this year the platform will be featuring more Xbox LIVE titles and “Kinect Sesame Street TV” and “Nat Geo TV”. We hope Xbox 360 will maintain their top position in the coming days too.

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