Acer V5 Ultra Portable Budget Notebooks Out [Video]

March 8, 2012, By Sanjeev

When Acer decided to try a new cocktail by mixing enough portability and price consciousness together, we found them introducing their V5 series of machines. These thin and light notebooks are targeting the budget conscious folks who are in dire need of a portable device.
Acer V5 Ultra Portable Budget Notebooks Out [Video]
Being 30 percent thinner than any average notebook present in today’s market, it keeps the promises on its portability and ease of handling.

However, note that the machine is not thinner as the Timeline M3. To keep it trendy with portability, they have added three shade options and we really fell for the icy textured pink machine among the lot, though it look a little girlish.

Going by the specs, one of the V5 machine packs an 11.6 wide body, but is blade thin having just 0.59 inch at its thinnest point. Altogether it weighs only 3 pounds or less. These machines can offer you the power of NVIDIA GeForce graphic cards, but it is up to you to decide since, it is an optional feature.

Another machine in the series has a little thicker profile with 21 mm since it packs an optical drive. It is 14 inch wider and weighs 4.6 pounds. The machines in the series offer Intel chips in the ‘i’ series with either i3 or i5 available on different models.

Though the company is yet to make clear announcements on the possible prices of the device, emerging information suggests that the rig will come with a price tag of 499 Euros. However, the lowest configured machine in the V5 series is expected to come out for a lesser price.

Interested? Watch a video below.

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