HP Intel Xeon E5 Workstations Set for Reveal

March 6, 2012, By Alexandru Ion

HP has become the first company to announce their plans for the Intel based Xeon E5 workstations. The company has unveiled a trio of new Z workstations: Z420, Z620 and Z820 all built on the Xeon E5 architecture.

HP Intel Xeon E5 Workstations Set for Reveal

The E5 sporting an optimized I/O infrastructure has been developed on the basis of Sandy Bridge-E architecture from gaming-friendly Core i7 processors. Most of the E5 chips support Hyperthreading to double the task handling per core, thereby leading to even 32 simultaneous program threads.

The high-end Z820 workstation is equipped with two processors supported by 16 cores, 14TB of memory, and 512GB of error-correcting memory. Meanwhile, the mid-range Z620 workstation which can support 16 cores comes with only 11TB of disk space and 96GB of error-correcting memory. However, the normal Z420 packed with the economical E5-1600 chips and optional 11TB disk memory do not feature the dual-core choice.

All the HP workstations are structured using the new E5-2600 chip line that comes with eight cores balancing in one chip and new spaces for memory. The devices are integrated with NVIDIA’s Quadro graphics for pro 3D support.

The Z420 comes with Quadro 2000 boards whereas the Z620 and Z820 consist of the Quadro 5000 and 6000 models correspondingly. Both the Z620 and Z820 come with choices for adding respective dual Quadro 5000s and 6000s chips too.

The three HP workstations – Z420, Z620 and Z820 – will be coming with price tags that read $1,169, $1,649 and $2,299 respectively.

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