Flipboard Adds Cover Stories on iPads via Update

March 2, 2012, By Sanjeev

Flipboard is lining up something special for their iPad customers. The social magazine will launch the iPhone app’s most popular feature “Cover Stories” on to the iPads via an update.

Flipboard Adds Cover Stories on iPads via Update

Through the updated iPad app, users will be able to enjoy a big, double-tiled pane on the first page that shows a blend of stories popular among friends, on Flipboard’s network and the significant ones related to the user. Along with the print magazine look, the update brings a new third page in Table of Contents of Flipboard.

For international users, the company has introduced their first separate European edition by releasing the Flipboard in France. They are planning to release the different versions of the magazine app in the UK, Japan, Korea and other European and Asian countries where the circulation is more.

They have also stated that the regional versions of the app will be purely based on the specific country’s language. And it will also be coming with editorial selections and the popular social networking options depending on the respective country.

Along with the Cover Stories, the Flipboard’s update offers personalization options, enhanced layouts on interior pages, a new, third page for subscriptions, adjustable font selections, access to international content from the Settings menu, and better usage of Google Reader subscriptions.

The Flipboard update pack and the French app edition are now available for download at the local iTunes App Store.

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