Apple Mulling Over 14-inch MacBook Air

March 1, 2012, By Alexandru Ion

Currently, we have the MacBook Air in 11 and 13 inch models. And, we have been happy with what we have. But it seems the Asian market is not as satisfied with the screen size of either of the models.

Apple Mulling Over 14 inch MacBook Air

Apparently, they prefer to have the display of their laptops at 14 inches. So rumor has it that Apple is planning to introduce a 14 inch variant of the MacBook air to satisfy all.

It has been analyzed that Apple is currently turning its targets from North American and Europe to Asia, and is eyeing the China market as its major market since the company still has strong potential in the country.

It went on to say that the consideration of a 14-inch MacBook Air would be an indication the company will become even more aggressive about the China market.

This one comes in addition to the rumored 15 inch MacBook Air set to arrive this year. So that is a bit too many options than Apple usually offers for its other devices.

Also, if at all a 14 inch variant hits the market, it will be a worldwide roll out, as the company does not launch devices for specific markets.

All these talks about the MacBook Air make us wonder what will happen to the MacBook Pro.

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