Amazon Kindle Touch-Screen eBook Reader to Sport Full Color

February 21, 2012, By Sanjeev

Amazon has unveiled an advanced version of their Kindle eBook reader, which will feature full color. Set for shipping during 2012,  the device would sport an impressive touch screen, and is expected to give a huge push to the expansion of Amazon’s business network.

Amazon Kindle Touch Screen eBook Reader to Sport Full Color

The reader features 6- inch screen in full color, and has a touch-enabled reader module installed on it. The display unit for this device is manufactured by E Ink, an electronics paper display manufacturer.

Economic Daily News, a Chinese daily recently reported that E Ink would provide more than 3 million display units every month, for assembling this device.

Although there isn’t much info on an exact release date, Amazon has put up pre-order options for the eBook reader on their website. So it gives some strong indication that the device could be unveiled soon.

There were rumors that Amazon has been preparing to introduce an upgraded version of its Kindle eBook reader. And most of us thought the new device would feature Qualcomm’s Mirasol screen technology.

Now it appears that E Ink has got lucky, and the exact reason as to why Amazon opted for E Ink over Qualcomm is still unclear.

Amazon’s earlier device, the Kindle fire, was one color Android tablet sporting a glass touch screen. The Kindle Fire is not as readable as the latest Kindle eBook reader under the sun. Now you can possibly read quite well in daylight, under the sun, with an E Ink display unit powering it.

As we wait to know more on the price and exact date of release of the device, stay with us.

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