Google DART Engine Reaches Chromium Tech Preview

February 21, 2012, By Alexandru Ion

Google has released the new web programming language, DART. After the unveiling back in October 2011, this is the first time that the developers had the chance to see the new Google web language.

Google DART Engine Reaches Chromium Tech Preview

DART is being developed as a JavaScript substitute, which is the generally used web language on the open web platform. Currently, DART is available for Mac OS X and Linux while the Windows version will be coming soon.

Designers at Google claim that DART will improve web browsing speeds. They have  used the available Mac and Linux binaries for incorporating the Dart VM into Chromium.

The open source ‘batteries included’ Dart platform will help developers to create complex, high performance apps for the modern web.

Through this preview, you can test your DART programs running openly on the DART VM in Chromium, thereby avoiding a separate compilation step. In the coming days, the testing programs will benefit from VM’s faster performance and lower startup latency.

Google has revealed that they have been building DART specially to work easily with the modern web. At the same time, they are bringing in all efforts to perk up their fast DART-to-JavaScript compiler, as both the DART VM and modern JavaScript engines are DART’s supreme targets.

Since this is a technology preview, they have reminded that Chromium with integrated DART VM should not be employed for daily browsing. They will comprise DART VM on Chrome after testing developer feedback in the coming days.

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