Nokia 305 and Lumia 610 Undergo Certification in Indonesia

February 18, 2012, By Sanjeev

It seems you will soon see two new phones from the Finnish phone maker reaching the market. The devices named Nokia 305 and Lumia 610 were seen completing the certification processes in Indonesia.  The interesting part is that the Lumia 610 is rumored to be a smartphone powered by the Windows Phone Tango OS.

Nokia 305 and Lumia 610 Undergo Certification in Indonesia

Lumia 610, which had leaked before, is believed to be an entry-level Windows Phone. From the certification details, it is clear that the handset is compatible with GSM 900/1800 and WCDMA 2100 bands. Tango, a lower-end version of Windows Phone OS, has been reported to work at 256 MB of RAM and suits the 3-megapixel cameras too.

It is considered that Lumia 610 will be built with these features, thereby allowing Nokia to release the handset at a cheap price. The smartphone is also expected to support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Speculations suggest that the Lumia 610 might be coming as a pay-as-you-go smartphone in the UK market. In addition, the recently leaked reports hints that the Tango version will be coming with features like exporting contacts to SIM, organizing domestic / international roaming and handling multiple attachments in a single MMS message.

Meanwhile, the second handset Nokia 305 has been believed to be a part of the Asha line up. It is expected to be a low-end mobile phone from the Finnish company. We hope Nokia will unveil more details on the two handsets at the upcoming MWC in Barcelona.

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