Google Mystery Device is a Home Entertainment System

February 11, 2012, By Alexandru Ion

We had hints a couple of days back that pointed to Google’s plan on manufacturing its own devices. Yes, the FCC filing. Now Wall Street Journal has some more info regarding the mystery device, which until now, was some sort of mystery entertainment device that would rely on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radio frequencies to connect with other devices around the home.

Google Mystery Device is a Home Entertainment System

Reportedly, the device is a home-entertainment system that streams music wirelessly throughout the home and would be marketed under the company’s own brand. It has been over the last few years from within Google’s Android unit, and could possibly stream other media to connected devices as well.

Cool. But wait, Sonos does that already. So the interesting part is that Google is considering making hardware at all. Software was the company’s forte, which worked well with smartphones, tablets and Google TV products. Google’s Android team did its job with the software until now, and now it’s readying to give the competitors a tough time in the hardware business.

But Google’s not planning to limit itself to the software space. First, the Motorola acquisition, now the home-entertainment system.

Google venturing into hardware business will be another advantage to the company in the world of cut-throat competition; yes Apple and Samsung are the big names to be mentioned.

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