How About Charging 16 Devices at Once?

January 27, 2012, By Alexandru Ion

Question. How many portable devices you own? One: smartphone, two: tablet, three: e-reader, four: digital media player. Is there a five and six? If yes how many more? 16? No, not 16. Yet you might have wished at least once if there was something to charge many number of devices at once, especially in public places.

How About Charging 16 Devices at Once?

Now your prayers have been answered. Datamation Systems Inc. has come up with a charging solution, called the PowerPad 16 which, if you haven’t guessed yet, can charge 16 devices at once. Yes, sixteen. It has the objective of making life easier out in the public.

It definitely is a cool thing to have in school, college, conferences, airports, and all the places where you look for a power point, hoping someone else hasn’t got there first.

The USB charging board is small enough, yet not too small to make you search for it for an annoyingly long time. Measuring in at 6.75 x 3.75 x 2.2-inches, you can easily mount the PowerPad 16 to existing power points. Also, the four screw holes on the casing make wall-mounting simple.

At one end of the charger is a fan to, well, keep the charging board cool on the inside. It lets you charge 16 devices at a time after all.

There is no word in the price though. Yet, we suggest not to expect it to come cheap.

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