Apple E-Textbooks Tool Set Likely at New York Education Event

January 17, 2012, By Alexandru Ion

It seems Apple wants to make an important contribution in the education field. The Cupertino-based company is likely to launch e-textbooks at the education event in New York on January 19.

Apple E Textbooks Tool Set Likely at New York Education Event

Earlier, Apple sent invitations to media outlets for attending the event. All are excited to know the details and the surprise package that Apple has planned for the event.

It is reported that the event will be focused more on e-textbooks. The news is that the company will be introducing a new platform for digital textbooks, which will provide a greater degree of interactivity. This will be available to the teachers and students on the iPads through the ready-made outlet-iTunes Store.

Meanwhile, Apple has been partnering with textbook publishers like McGraw-Hill and Cengage Learning for quiet some time now. Along with this, the Cupertino-based company will be launching tools for creating digital textbooks on the platform.

The tool set named “GarageBand for eBooks” will give simple instructions to create eBooks. The independent publishers and users can use the open platform to develop more electronic books from scratch and the standard books with ease.

In addition, Apple might reveal about the EPUB 3 standard for making iBooks compatible with other e-reader platforms. Currently, the iBooks were created on the basis of EPUB 2 standard and HTML 5 based extensions for including basic multimedia content on it. And also such e-books are incompatible with other devices too.

Stay tuned as we go looking for more on Apple’s new digital textbook platform.

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