Synaptics Clearpad 7300 Multi-touch Technology Gets Going [Video]

January 13, 2012, By Sanjeev

Synaptics is a touch screen interface company that has about 30 clients altogether. Among these 30 clients, 15 are very renowned smartphone manufacturers and remaining 15 are very famous tablet manufacturer. You might have by now understood the might of Synaptics! The record of Synaptics has been quite impressive. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012, the company has set up a wonderful stall, enough to win everyone’s attention.

Synaptics Clearpad 7300 Multi touch Technology Gets Going [Video]

The main focus of the company was the newly introduced ten-finger touch- screen technology. The company has named the device that sports this technology as  Clearpad 7300.

With the pace at which technology innovations grow, every novel technology has to play a vital role in making the device competitive in the market.

The 30 gigantic clients that the Synaptics has, proclaims the importance of touch screen technology in electronics device manufacturing. The traditional keypad has been replaced a long time ago, by touch screens. And now, the development is coming in touch- screen sector.

The Clearpad 7300 is considerably a smaller unit that can process 10 inputs, at a rate of about 100 Hz. It is far better when comparing with the previous models of touch- screen technology.

The company has showcased a demo-model for Windows 8, which bears a five- finger technology. A calibration unit has also been demonstrated. The unit has been held between two parallel glass modules. The technology will be released by the end of the year, and will be an integral part of Windows 8 devices.

Willing to wait for this to come to your midst?

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