Apple HDTV Sized 32 and 37-inches to Launch First

December 28, 2011, By Sanjeev

All eyes are on Apple’s HDTV, the Cupertino-based company’s first Smart TV. It is rumored that the Apple HDTV will be launched by mid-2012. Based on the latest reports, it has been speculated that Apple HDTV will be coming in two versions: 32- and 37-inches, and the display panels will be produced by Sharp.

Apple HDTV Sized 32 and 37 inches to Launch First

It is reported that the Apple HDTV models will be coming with a price tag that is double the regular TV price, having the same size and similar specs. The first models of Apple HDTV are likely to be released between the second and third quarter of 2012.

iTunes creator Jeff Robbin, who is leading the iTV project, is said to have already prepared a prototype of the device. Apple HDTV is believed to take the Smart TV platform to new heights by ushering in many new amazing features.

The iOS-powered TV is said to come equipped with Siri, the voice activated feature that was introduced in the iPhone 4S. The TV can be controlled by the iPhone, iPad using the AirPlay and even through the motion sensing.

It will be coming with technologies that support DVR storage and iCloud. Though the details are rumors, one cannot completely discard them because as you know Apple is always famous for its new technological products.

What do you think of Apple’s initial plans on the iTV models?

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