Samsung Transparent LCD Panel in the Works

December 28, 2011, By Sanjeev

It has been always a challenge to manufacture screens that are transparent in nature though it has been 2 decades since transparent screens started to appear in sci-fi movies. Nevertheless, Samsung has come up with a transparent LCD panel which is quite good looking and has been named the Samsung LTI460AP01 Transparent LCD Panel.

Samsung Transparent LCD Panel in the Works

History of research in transparent LCD panels starts from the 1990s when scientists started applying the idea of Back Light Units or shortly called as the BLUs to the manufacturing of LCD panels.

BLUs help in providing auxiliary light so that there will be enough light illuminating the background area so that the screen appears transparent for the viewer. Later on, the technology moved to the projection of back side to the background of the screen to enable transparency. But now scientists at Samsung have done it quite nicely.

There is no doubt in the expected price of the transparent panels which will be quite high and possibly while the nerds at Samsung rack their brains for possible everyday home and office applications.

The company is exploring the possibilities for the panels for use in advertising in shop windows and outdoor billboards. They also believe that corporations and schools could put the panels to use as an interactive communication device.

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