Samsung to Offer 3D Videos from YouTube to 3D TV Users

December 20, 2011, By Alexandru Ion

Samsung has launched the YouTube 3D video content availability for their 3D TV owners. A glad news for the e-world indeed, as an equivalent facility has not been made practical by any company so far.

Samsung to Offer 3D Videos from YouTube to 3D TV Users

The IFA 2011 has proved to be quite the platform for Samsung to announce a set of new products and among them would be 3D videos on YouTube being supported by Samsung’s range of Smart TVs.

This will certainly be happy news for Samsung’s 3DTV owners, as one of the major issues for such owners would be a lack of content. Further, supporting YouTube’s collection of 3D videos makes sense because the video sharing channel has supported 3D videos for a good two years already, letting it amass a fair number of professionally developed and user generated videos for viewing pleasure.

3D video content is still fairly difficult to come by, and the app is an attempt to fill that void with more than 8,000 “high-quality” 3D YouTube videos.

Although Samsung’s app should work anywhere in the world, YouTube currently only offers 3D video in North America, the UK and Japan. The service should roll out to other countries in the future.

We can’t find the “YouTube on TV” app on Samsung’s app store yet, but hopefully it should be available soon. Anyway, the idea of 3D videos on TV from YouTube is a wonderful idea.

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